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Born Yesterday, made up of Ben (Guitar/Vocals), Josh (Bass), and Stephen (Drums), is a well established band that puts on an incredible live show that no one forgets.  Since forming in 2016, they have been ranked in the top 10 bands in Boston and have played their power-laden brand of original music to thousands of people across New England.  While some artists have gone in a more pop or electronic direction, Born Yesterday has always stayed true to their hard rock roots.  Their album "Zero Caution" debuted in mid 2019 and features 10 aggressive and catchy rock and roll tracks.  It was reviewed by Club Bohemia who gave it a 5 star review.  Currently they are working on a follow up effort to their first album entitled "Rattle the Cage" that will be out March 20th.  Fans go crazy over their raw energy and stage presence and they put on a killer show.