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Our lead-off record this week is from the band that released Zero Caution awhile back. The five songs here are 3:49 and under making for short pop/rock/punk bursts of enthusiasm. The first single is “Flounder(Turn Around”) and it is classy and a groove. At 3:41 “Flounder” begins with an engaging riff reminiscent of Leslie West and Mountain taking the curve into Bad Company territory. Yes, it is hard rock that Born Yesterday embraces, but Ben (Guitar/Vocals), Josh (Bass) and Stephen (Drums) have modern rock tendencies and are certainly rocking on the edge of garage and hard pop.

“Woah Oh Oh (It Takes Two to Go Around”) has the fun and urgency of the Buzzcocks while “Hysteria” at 2:42 starts off like the Yardbirds “Goodnight Sweet Josephine” (USA version, phased) but then quickly gets back to the blitz. Perhaps “Black Blizzard” is a paean to Blizzard of Oz and Black Sabbath, it’s certainly heavy enough with Bill Ward style drumming and Ben’s voice touching on early Ozzy. It’s my second fave track next to “Flounder.” “Flip Out,” the former phone number of a Boston area drummer from the 1970s, blasts at you with good-time speed. An entertaining second release from this vital trio.

- Joe Viglione Media

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"Hysteria" is energetic and powerful from the initial blastoff and throughout.   Guitar that pulsates and crunches at the  same time, the music is a hard glide, like surfing on a buzzsaw with direct lyrics and a stern vocal, somewhere between The Ramones meets Pearl Jam.  Two minutes and forty-two seconds of sonic blasts, the way we like 'em.  


"Sun Shines Through" slows things up into a grunge/garage band reading over solid drums and no-nonsense words and lead vocals that have an authority which sounds determined and assured.   The lead guitar is spot on in an entertaining way that begs repeated spins.  This might be what Black Sabbath would sound like if they started their reign in 2019...a refined and hard sound that has lots of appeal. 


"Woah Oh Oh (It Takes Two To Go Around" adds some pop music to the hard rock, the band has equal dashes of irreverence with the serious, and is most impressive.   Highly recommended.

- Club Bohemia